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The following outlines the standard payment policies which apply to all invoices issued by Matthew Jungling (also known as “Contractor,” “WELLFOUND MEDIA,” “WELLFOUND MEDIA PRODUCTIONS,” or “WFM”) to all clients, unless other arrangements are made in writing.

WFM will invoice the Client on a date according to the terms of the signed Service Agreement. Payment shall be completed by the client in full to WFM no later than thirty days from receipt of the invoice.

Failure to complete payment within this thirty-day period will result in the cessation or removal of all services, revisions, or file downloads until payment can be completed. A fifteen (“15”) day grace period will begin after the cessation or removal of services, revisions, or file downloads due to nonpayment. At the end of this grace period, a $50 nonpayment fee is to be assessed. A $100 nonpayment fee is to be assessed every five (“5”) additional days of nonpayment. Total aggregate nonpayment fees are not to exceed $350. Failure to complete payment 60 days after receipt of the invoice will result in the complete termination of the signed service agreement. The Contractor reserves the right to engage in legal action in pursuit of the original invoice, in addition to any and all nonpayment fees.

Restoration of services after a nonpayment event (before the 60-day window is complete) shall be immediate given the Client completes payment of the original invoice and all nonpayment fees.



Work completed outside the scope of a pre-defined Service Agreement (i.e. hourly-based labor on a web project or video project) is billed per quarter-hour, rounding down to the nearest quarter-hour. The rate at which work is completed in this manner should be discussed before the start of any work by WFM.


This policy is subject to change.